Like many gardens the Awareness Garden is a place of beauty and serenity . . . brick lined paths, stately trees, colorful blooms and deep green leaves. But a closer look reveals a spirit in this garden. A spirit of hope, support and love.


Lalla Hancock Sydnor would want it just that way.

Lalla an avid gardener, lifelong Lynchburg resident and cancer advocate was inspired by a similar garden in Virginia Beach. In 2001, she embarked on a journey with a circle of friends and an idea bigger than any individual. With Lalla’s enthusiasm and determination, and with the overwhelming support of the community, the Awareness Garden Foundation Board was formed and in September of 2003, the Garden was dedicated. Lalla’s Bell, the anchor of the Garden and a symbol of strength for many stands tall and proud in the Garden. Visitors are encouraged to ring the bell three times to celebrate the end of treatment or to remember a loved one, or to bring hope for a cure forĀ  all.




With each changing season the beauty of the Garden undergoes new transformations. We are so privileged to be located in one of the prettiest areas on the East Coast, in Central VA, with its very distinct portrayal of each of the four seasons. From the beginning Dolly Horner has tirelessly led her Landscaping Committee, designing, planting and pruning so that each season in the Garden is represented beautifully to provide a quiet, place of peace and reflection to all who visit here. The Landscaping Committee is also in charge of designing and implementing all the various naming opportunities; which include the planning and implementation of where the next bricks should be placed to providing other naming opportunities such as the birdhouses, seating areas and flowering trees.


Our Photo Gallery has pictures of the Garden from its inception with its newly planted shrubs, flowers and trees to today with the beauty of established growth years later. The Garden does not waste any opportunity to grow, bloom and transform as the years progress. So too, many of the people who are honored here have continued to lead lives that thrive regardless of the constant changing of the seasons.


There are many things you can do to help us if you choose to volunteer your time at the Garden. The efforts of Dolly Horner and those that work with her are central to the things we are trying to accomplish as a Foundation as we continue Planting the Seeds of Awareness!





The mission of the Awareness Garden is to provide a tangible, special place for people to reflect on the courage, dignity and hope of those who are battling cancer, those who have overcome cancer and to honor those who valiantly fought it.

To develop and maintain an endowment fund in order to:

~ fund scholarships for those affected by cancer or interested in cancer-related work

~ foster cancer awareness with educational outreach programs throughout the community